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Get Answers to Where Does the Fbi Moneypak Virus Come From?

Carol asks…

How often do viruses corrupt files?FBI Moneypak Virus Removal

A while back my computer got hit with the FBI Moneypak virus. I don’t believe this virus does anything to your files. It’s just a scam to make people give their money away to gain access on their computers again. The virus was on my computer 3-5 days before I got it cleaned. During this time. My laptop was on safe mode 99% of the time. I purchased 2 years of the Webroot SecureAnywhere anti-virus software and it’s completely cleaned me of any potential threats and stops any incoming threats from coming. Also, I wrote down the exact size of my folder that holds all my files down to the last byte and when I went to check my folder size after the virus(s) were cleaned, the folder size had not changed, which is a good indicator that nothing happened to my files. I’m still paranoid though. Like I said, I was hit with the FBI moneypak virus. Could my files have been messed with because of this virus?

admin answers:

No. The FBI moneypack virus is not a file infecting virus. It’s simply ransomware (meaning it locks down your computer and holds it ransom until you pay).  Click here to read more about the FBI Moneypak Virus and how to get rid of it.

Virus’s such as Sality and Parite are file infecting virus’s and as such, will append their code to legitimate executable files on your machine. But, the FBI money pack virus is not like this. So you won’t have anything to worry about.

Also, This particular malware (reveton) will not have corrupted any of your personal data. Some similar types years ago actually encrypted data.
So you have nothing to worry about,
However I would not have wasted money on an anti virus,Webroot will not stop this happening again.
Use a program called Sandboxie. It;s free and would prevent this malware taking hold

And if you’re running Webroot — they should remove all traces of the malware anyway.  aGeek2Go has some free virus removal and malware removal tools here (click here and scroll down towards the middle of our Store page)  If you still have problems, aGeek2Go is great at virus removal san diego- just contact us directly and we can help you out.

You should be ok.

George asks…

Help with computer before I stomp it into oblivion?

I used Kaspersky rescue disk to fix a ransomware virus that turned on my webcam. It took windows unlock and an 8 hour scan of the computer. I finally got into the desktop in normal mode and downloaded avast antivirus. I shut it down and when I log on the webcam light comes on and the screen is black. When I go to safemode It shows the virus screen ( A fake FBI Internet Security council moneypak thing). It pisses me off since I spent my whole day getting rid of it. How can I get rid of it permanently before I Obliderate this thing.

admin answers:

I would suggest getting a Ubuntu Live CD, booting from it, and saving everything you want to keep from the computer onto a flash drive or external hard drive. After that, wipe the entire hard drive and reinstall Windows. And use some antivirus this time.

James asks…

FBI locked screen on my how to get rid of this?

I have a white screen that comes up that the FBI has locked my computer and that I have to pay a $200 fine.
How can I fix this?

admin answers:

Remove the FBI MoneyPak Ransomware or the Reveton Trojan

Michael asks…

got a virus from the FBI saying to buy a greendot money pac for $400.00 for down loading music?

got a virus and it tells me to buy a greendot money pak for $400.00 for a fine for down loading music is this true. It also says this is from the FBI.

admin answers:

Its called the FBI moneypak virus. Its ransomeware

Here are straightforward instructions on how to remove this virus

Please note these methods may not work depending on which version of this virus you have been infected with

1: First turn off your computer

2: Turn It back on

3: While its turning on repeatedly press the “f8″ key until you come up to a selection of choices

4: There should be a choice that says “Safe Mode with Networking”

5: Select that and start up the computer

6: Open your internet and install Malwarebytes

7: Run a full scan with Malwarebytes

8: Delete anything it detects immediately

9: Start Up yoour computer normally

Another way to do it if this fails is to set a system restore. This may not work depending of which version of the virus you have. Just start it up in safe mode (without networking) then set a system restore

For Details on how to Start you computer in safe mode:…

For Details on how to set a sytem restore point:…

For Informationa about malwarebytes:…

For More Details and other methods on how to remove this virus:…

For details on more advisories of other viruses, malware, scams, ransomeware and things to look out for, check out aGeek2Go’s Urgent Advisories page.  For direct help with virus removal San Diego or computer repair San Diego of any type, go to aGeek2Go’s home page, or check out our Services page.


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